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Hurricane – Specification

TYPE: All valve, single channel, cathode biased class A/B combo with solid-state rectification. Covered in Custom-made ox-blood vinyl.
TOP PANEL: From left to right:
Return/Send (effects loop send and return. This is a series effects loop send level is – 6dbv. Suitable for foot pedals and rack processors); Hi Input (this is a high impedance input so as to avoid loading passive guitar pick-ups. Treat this as the normal input); Lo Input (this is a lower impedance of – 6db sensitivity. N.B. When both inputs are in use they are both low sensitivity); Gain (simultaneously controls the 1st and 2nd gain stages via a tandem pot); Reverb (this controls the level of the reverb effect. With the reverb knob turned fully anti clockwise, this is the same as turning the reverb off with the supplied footswitch: i.e. You don’t need the footswitch to turn the reverb off); Bass (adjusts low frequency response of pre-amp); Middle (adjusts frequencies around 500hz in the mid-range, which are very guitar friendly; unlike most amps you can dial mid-range and it works); Treble (adjusts high frequency response of pre-amp); Master (adjusts overall output level); On / Off Switch (mains power switch for the amplifier); Mains neon power on indicator.
BOTTOM PANEL: Extension speaker sockets, for 4 and 8 Ohm extension cab/s (can be used with in conjunction with the internal speaker).
ACCESSORIES: Footswitch and cable (see below).
EFFECTS LOOP: Valve powered effects loop.
HARDWARE: All corners, screws, cup washers, handle fixings etc. nickel plated. 16 gauge fully welded, powder coated chassis. Leather handle. Black cloth grille piped in cream.
CONSTRUCTION: Totally handbuilt and point-to-point hand wired in the UK. No PCBs Of any sort.
TRANSFORMERS: Custom designed in house and hand wound.
SPEAKER(S): Single 12″ Celestion Vintage 30, 8 ohm.
REVERB: Valve powered reverb (Accutronics 3-spring tank).
FOOTSWITCH: Reverb footswitch – handmade, powder coated, 14 gauge with 8mm top quality cable and Neutrik jack.
CABINET: Solid pine with ply baffle board permanently dadoed into Cabinet.
DIMENSIONS: 600 mm (W) 450 mm (H) 250 mm (D).
WEIGHT: 21kg / 45lb.

Excellent Pre Owned Condition